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Thank you for downloading and using Icecream Apps. Tell us, how our software helps you or you think we need to improve our products please visit our Contact page and send us a testimonial. It will be posted on this page soon. Your opinion is very important to us! Also, the best way to thank us is to spread the word - share on your blog, Facebook, etc. Thank you.
Hollosy David 25 January 2019
I am using Icecream Screen Recorder. Smart, stable and very usefull. It is the fastest app for creating screen shots and screen video. I am using it since 2016 and I am sure I will use it in the future as well.
Mark B. (Germany) 9 November 2018
I've been using both your Screen Recorder and Slideshow Maker for more than a year now. Now, when I had some issues I was really surprised that not only your products but also your support is that good too. It is awesome and fix came really fast. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Cristophe T. (France) 21 August 2018
Your screen recording app is just fantastic! Keep the good work. And thanks for the quick support.
Mikael K. M. (Denmark) 13 February 2018
Just wanted to say thank you for a great screen recorder. I have been using it for a while and it is great and easy to use. Love that the free version also has such great features so it is possible to really try the tool before buying.
Chris G. (USA) 26 January 2018
Love your software. Use the app basically everyday for my clickbait on my YouTube channel. Also use the screen recorder if I need a an inscreen record. Thanks so much for being a great product. Thank you liking my tweet and essentially helping me make my YouTube channel better daily!
Hien (Vietnam) 27 October 2017
Thank you for PDF Candy service! These tools are very simple and easy to use, efficient and effective. They save me heaps of time. Congratulations and thank you for makings these great tools available free and online. Cheers. Hien
Amir (Israel) 04 August 2017
Thanks, great service, great software!
And you can record it :-)
Oscar W.P. 12 July 2017
Anonymous from Australia (Ipswich) 29 June 2017
I am a medical student, and icecream reader made it soo easy and comfortable for me to read my essential materials. 5 out of 5 stars, although offline dictionary would make it more better. Thanks
Anonymous from USA (Pepperell, MA) 07 June 2017
First time to your website after a google for top 10 screen recorders. You have a fantastic, easy to read, informative, friendly website!! All my questions were answered! I'm buying the Pro version as soon as I try it out. Accolades to the developers!
Anthony (Los Angeles) 12 May 2017
Wow! This is VERY strong customer service, as you are under no obligation to do this. I appreciate this, and will be giving your company a positive review on social media.
Again, thank you. It's the little things that matter :)
James 24 March 2017
Phillip from online chat support was very helpful towards me once again! Extremely friendly and efficient! Thank you again! Definitely happy I went with this service.
Missi L. 23 March 2017
Your awesome. I love how you folks always have a fix for my problem and you respond incredibly quick.
James C. 24 February 2017
I was struggling to find my Activation Key for a PRO product I had previously bought but had lost the key for. He was extremely polite and helped me through the process, providing the recovery link. Please accept my utmost gratitude towards Phillip and the rest of the team. Thanks again!
Tarik S. 26 December 2016
I am using VIDEO RECORDER, and I must admit here that only genius people could organize such a wonderful program. Every part of it is a miraculous.
Thanks a lot and have a nice New Year.
Milton (USA) 9 December 2016
You have the best website I have ever visited. It is very clear, easy to read and follow. Easy to navigate and very refreshing. Great job!
Susan L. 8 October 2016
Thank you guys so much ... I use Firefox and Duckduckgo ...
and NOW thanx to you, your Slideshow Maker!!! THANK YOU, YOU AWESOME PEOPLE!!!!
Sue O. 6 October 2016
Thank you, thank you, thank you. After years of searching for pdf converters both online converters and software converters, I have to say this is the best thought out and programmed pdf converter I have ever used. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that some company finally put this together. To be able to take a table that was in a pdf format and flawlessly bring it into WORD in a table format is something I am very impressed with. This went seamlessly.
Frank (Germany) 1 September 2016
A great and easy to use perfect program! Screencam do what i expected. Thanks to Phillip for his friendly and helpful support.
Anonymous (from Philippines) 9 August 2016
(: I wish your screen recorder app would be successful in the future. Always stay great! I will look forward for good updates, also, i love your app! And i will always use it. Thanks!
Andrej J. 3 June 2016
I was considering if I should buy the software or not, and then your customer support guy (Phillip) contacted me. He was the nicest guy, with great sense of humor (I played a joke on him and he went along, but still answered every question I had.)
Your software quality and the people that represent you are the reason I'm upgrading and recommending you. Thanks for being awesome!
Mark D. 16 May 2016
Hi guys, thank you for your software! Your ePub reader really rocks!
Pei Q. 25 April 2016
Sincerely thank you for your software - Split & Merge of PDF. Thank you so much as it does really help me to solve my problems on compiling all large size pdf files. Thank you very much. I'm a student from Malaysia. Thanks a lot.
Nader 18 April 2016
Thanks for your work. Ebook Reader looks fantastic and very simple to use, well done!
Alberto C. 11 April 2016
Hereby I'd like to congratulate you for the free tools. I downloaded PDF Split and Merge. Fantastic! It's the classic small tool that is very useful for the people that deal often with documents. I think that in the future your site will be one of my preferred. Thank you very much for your support.
Shaashi A. 6 March 2016
I have been using PDF Split & Merge for a while and I cannot help loving it. It has made my work with scanned documents so easy. It is an incredible app. Thank you for creating it.
Raj N. 17 February 2016
Icecream Screen Recorder is great! Keep up the good work.
James P. 4 February 2016
Hello Icecream Apps,
I paid for the pro version of Screen Recorder offering unlimited recording of the computer screen, I would just like to say how proud I am of owning a copy of this amazing software, rest assured I am not affiliated nor an employee of ice cream apps, I'm just a regular guy and a review enthusiast. this is exactly what I was looking for, it is VERY easy to use, unlike other screen recorders i tried with complicated menus and broken functions i like the fact there is simply 2 buttons one to record the screen, the other to capture an image and settings are neatly confined towards the bottom left. the Layout of this software is also eye catching and pleasing and choosing the size of where you want to record is extremely useful, I am not lying when I say this is the best screen record software I have used and the most user friendly, i use it to make video's on youtube, i plan to use the record for tutorial video's, the winning combination of simplicity and functionality had me sold over the competition and the creators/designers deserve a standing ovation. the only gripe i may have is the 10 minute limit on recording is a bit tight let's be honest, however I could not resist, when it's as nice to use as this and considering all the hours I've got out of it so far, I was more than willing to be donating £25 or more for unlimited recording if it were free, so well done and Thank you for this product.
Chen 21 January 2016
I love this program, it's amazing! Keep going like this, there is no any program like yours that has such a good quality and there isn't any malware or automatic downloading of undesired programs.
Just want to say thanks for all.
Sheila T.H. 13 January 2016
Had to uninstall the program because this is a school computer.. So this is the time where i have to say good bye, i will surely miss your company... <3 you'll always be in my heart!
Mariya 17 September 2015
I've just downloaded the Ebook Reader - so easy and beautiful interface! Thank you for creating!
Joseph 13 September 2015
Just wanted to let you know that I love your PDF Split and Merge app! It has saved me so much time handling scans, thank you!!!
Pantha 13 August 2015
Hi! I've been using some of softwares. And I love them.
Please, never stop development of your softwares or don't shutdown icecreamapps.
Thanks. :)
Deepak A. 04 August 2015
Simply, You've the best of software and that too free.. Really tasty..
Keep it up! You're the only company besides the one I worked in, which I liked on Facebook :)
Tony 08 June 2015
F***, you guys rock! After trying out a few epub readers, yours is surely the best, better than Sony's, Adobe Digital Editions and the other two I have thankfully forgotten about. Top job, fantastic speed and reliability. Kisses if you are good looking, hugs if you're not so good looking!! This epub reader makes me want to say "F*** Ye!!"
Matthieu 28 May 2015
Great job guys ! You did modern-looking products, easy to install, easy to use. The interfaces of all your softwares are intuitive and well translated in many languages (I'm french and it's perfect). I fell in love with the ebook reader app, it's the best that I've found at the moment.
Keep improving, I'm waiting for new cool tools ;) Thanks.
Igor 27 April 2015
Thank you for your reader app. It's only one modern-looking reader, which I managed to find.
Dhaifallah 22 April 2015
I just want to thank you so much for this APP, it is amazing, and so useful. I have benefited a lot from it.
Angel 11 March 2015
Hi, I want to thank you for given this fabulous software for free. I have son suggestion to improve this. Please, add the option to create collection or categories for books.
Hugh Williams, St Edward's Press Ltd. 03 April 2015
Icecream PDF Split and Merge is a wonderful tool and, as a small publisher, as well as using it for other things, it has proved to be a Godsend in my life. It is extremely easy to use and when I had a problem, their customer service was very helpful in resolving the difficulties. I highly recommend this product.
Sheena A. 15 March 2015
Thank you very much for your very useful apps, no bullshit, just simple, straightforward and working apps, im a fan especially of your the pdf and media converter.... please keep up the good work, Ice Cream apps are the best!
Felix S. 17 December 2014
The best epub reader ever words to convey my hapiness, just want to tell you thank you sooooo muchhh. Merry Chrismas!
Joshua G. 15 December 2014
Hey there,
Just wanted to say that your screen recorder is absolutely awesome. It's so straightforward and easy to use that I can't believe it's free. I'm so happy I don't ever have to use that buggy mess that is Camstudio again. Thank you! Keep up the amazing work.
John Rick A. 12 December 2014
Good day. I just want to say that you guys are amazing. I love the design. It's so minimal. Everything is so smooth. And best of all, very helpful. Keep up the good work guys. 10/5 stars.
Richard C. S. 2 December 2014
I'm impressed with the free software programs that you are offering, and look forward to using these tools. I have other programs that do many of these functions, but your descriptions are very intriguing, and I'm going to try them out to compare with my current tools. I anticipate I will be very impressed, so I wish to say Thank You in advance!
Michael N. H. 29 November 2014
Hi, not reporting a problem, just want to say how much I enjoy your products, so good to have the use of these for free and no spy-ware or other crap, I wish you and the company the very best for the future, kind regards Michael.
Hitesh 16 November 2014
OMG, your website is awesome, without even testing a single software, I can already predict their awesomeness by the videos you have and the presentation you show, possibly the best feel good website I have seen in months. Also the fact that, all those softwares are free is pretty incredible. I already have alternates of every software you are offering but seeing this website makes me drools. I will certainly try your few softwares and lets see how it works.