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Program settings. Video

This tab offers the following video settings:

Video format

Select whether the captured videos should be saved as MP4, AVI, MOV or WebM files. Click the arrow symbol on the right to open a drop down list with the available formats.

Video quality

Choose one of 3 offered levels of video quality – High, Medium or Low. Click the arrow symbol on the right to open a drop down list with the available modes.

Record mouse movements

Tick this option to show the cursor and its movements in the recorded videos.

Highlight mouse

This option adds a circle around mouse mouse cursor during recording and also animates mouse click event.

Hide desktop icons

Select this option to hide all the icons from the desktop during the screen capture and taking screenshots.

Disable screensaver

This option prevents screensaver start while recording the videos with Icecream Screen Recorder.

Show countdown

Select this feature to show the countdown before each recording.

Record hotkeys used

This option lets the hotkey combinations with Ctrl or Ctrl+Shift pressed during the screen capture process be displayed and recorded in the output video in the lower right-hand corner.


Select this option to add a custom watermark to the videos created with Icecream Screen Recorder. When the option is enabled, click the folder icon to the right to open Windows Explorer and browse for an image to be used as a watermark on your PC (maximum image size is 300x300 pixels). The most right field is for choosing the position of the watermark – click the arrow button to open a drop down list with 5 available locations of the watermark.

Watermark opacity

Select the opacity level of the watermark added to the videos. Toggle the marker to the right to increase the level of the transparency of the watermark and to the left to decrease it.

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