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Meet PDF Bob

1 August 2019

We are happy to announce release of PDF Bob – a new free online PDF Editor. Annotate, create and edit your PDF documents via easy-to-use GUI. PDF Bob is an absolutely free online service (no fees or ads) and is already available in seven languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.
PDF Bob has 3 cross-switchable modes: Annotate, Edit and Manage pages.
In 'Annotate' mode one can add different types of annotations: text, sticky notes, shapes, highlight or underline text and more.
In 'Edit mode' objects can be added as a part of the document: text, images, freehand edits and common shapes such as arrows, rectangles and more.
In 'Manage pages' mode there are features of reordering pages' sequence, deleting existing pages or adding new blank pages and merging PDF files.
After making all the edits file can be instantly exported to PDF format or converted into editable Word document or a set of images.
We worked hard to make a product you love. So don't forget to share your opinion.
Visit PDF Bob right now at and give it a try!
P.S. Don't be too hard on Bob, he's so young! ;)
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