How to Remove Note or Highlighting from a Book


Icecream Ebook Reader offers annotation feature. Per each book in ePub, MOBI, FB2 or TXT format, you can add as many notes and as many text highlighting as you wish. It's possible that certain notes or highlights may end up being unnecessary.

In such a case it's always possible to remove the added annotations through the program's interface. Pay attention to the steps below to see how to remove notes or highlights from the books added to your digital library.

1. Open the book in ebook reader

Double-click the book's title or its data when the Library is opened in the Table view or the thumbnail when in the Bookshelf view. As soon as it's done, the book will be opened in reading mode of the Windows ebook reader.

Step 1

2. Open the "Notes" panel

Pay attention to the control panel that is shown in the top part of the ebook reader's window. Press the "Notes" button caption to open all the annotations of the opened ebook.

Step 2

3. Delete note/highlighting

Press the recycle bin icon to the right of the note or the added highlighting you wish to remove. The note will be permanently deleted from the added book.

You can also click on the highlighted part in the text and press the "Delete" button in the menu or on your keyboard.

Step 3
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