Best YouTube Shorts Aspect Ratio

Understanding the correct YouTube Shorts dimensions is crucial for those looking to create viral clips on this platform.

This article will tell you in detail what is the best aspect ratio for YouTube Shorts and how to resize your video to fit this requirement. In addition, you will also learn some helpful tips on working with your footage to get an outstanding result.

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What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts was designed to compete with popular short-video platforms like TikTok. They allow users to produce clips of up to 60 seconds in length, often with background music or some kind of special effects.

YouTube Shorts provides a variety of features, including a multi-segment camera, speed controls, a timer, and a library of music and sound effects to enhance creativity.

Shorts have gained popularity for their quick and engaging content, and YouTube has been actively promoting them to both creators and viewers. It's seen as a way for the platform to capitalize on the growing trend of short-form clips and to increase service retention.

What is the best YouTube Shorts aspect ratio?

One of the most important aspects of creating a successful video is what are the needed dimensions of YouTube Shorts.

Remember, your clip will be viewed on a mobile phone. Therefore, you must adapt your footage to fit the vertical orientation allows for a better viewing experience without black bars on the sides or having to turn the phone horizontally.

Aspect ratio refers to the relationship between a video's width and height. It is represented by a numerical value and essentially determines the shape and size of the video frame.

For the YouTube Shorts, the recommended aspect ratio is 9:16, which means the video should be nine units wide and sixteen units high.

Maintaining the correct aspect ratio is vital since it determines how your video will appear on different screens. If your video has an incorrect aspect ratio, it runs the risk of being truncated or distorted when viewed on a phone.

Don't forget about the resolution!

  • The suggested Shorts resolution is 1080 x 1920 pixels (1080p), which ensures high-quality playback on mobile devices.

Why is aspect ratio important?

For YouTube Shorts, aspect ratio is crucial as it impacts the overall viewing experience. A wrong aspect ratio can result in distorted or cropped videos, making it difficult for viewers to understand the content. It can also affect the composition and visual appeal of a clip.

Furthermore, having knowledge of the aspect ratio used for YouTube Shorts can aid creators in maximizing their video's performance on the platform. This, in turn, can potentially boost visibility and engagement. By meeting the platform's technical requirements, YouTubers will hinder their success and become popular among viewers.

How to resize a video for YouTube Shorts

Below you will find the guide on how to easily resize your videos for YouTube Shorts specific aspect ratio with Icecream Video Editor.

Icecream Video Editor is a user-friendly free video editing software for multimedia production, offering a range of tools including trimming, merging, adding effects, transitions, and much more.

1. Download and install the video editor

Go to the official website and download the free video editor for PC. Complete the installation process and launch the program.

2. Edit your video

  • Import the video you want to resize by clicking the "Add files" button.
  • Drag and drop the clip into the timeline located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Above the preview area, locate the aspect ratio icon. From the dropdown list, select the "9:16 (Portrait)" option.
  • Utilize other tools offered as needed to enhance your video.

3. Save your YouTube Shorts

Export the edited video, choosing your preferred output format, resolution, and destination folder.

Resize video for YouTube Shorts video dimensions

Overall, Icecream Video Editor offers a robust free video editor that empowers users to produce professional materials, regardless of their skill level or project requirements.

Video editor's tools:

  • Trimming. This feature allows users to cut out unwanted parts from their videos, ensuring a precise and polished final product.
  • Cutting and merging. The ability to split videos into multiple segments and rearrange or merge them enables seamless transitions and storytelling.
  • Cropping. This tool allows users to crop videos to focus on specific elements within the frame, refining composition and adapting videos to different aspect ratios.
  • Rotating. Users can rotate videos to correct orientation issues or add creative effects, enhancing the visual appeal of their content.
  • Effects and transitions. The video editor provides a variety of effects and transitions for visual enhancement and smoother scene changes.
  • Music and voiceover. There are tools to import audio files to accompany their videos, such as background music, narration, or sound effects, adding depth and richness to the viewing experience.
  • Text. Users can easily overlay text onto their videos, which can be titles, captions, or annotations. The video editing software provides options to customize text properties such as font, size, color, and alignment, allowing for creative expression and effective communication within the video.
  • Picture-in-picture. With the picture-in-picture feature, one video can be added on top of another, creating dynamic visual compositions. This tool is particularly useful for incorporating additional content, such as commentary or reactions.

Whether you're a beginner looking to make simple edits or a seasoned editor seeking advanced features, this free video editor provides the tools needed to bring your creative vision to life.


What happens if I upload a video with a different aspect ratio to YouTube Shorts?
If your YouTube Shorts aspect ratio is different from the required one, the clip will likely be displayed with black bars to fit the vertical 9:16 format. While the video will still be viewable, the presence of these bars may detract from the overall viewing experience.
How do I know if my video meets the minimum resolution requirement for YouTube Shorts?
Check the video's vertical resolution, ensuring it's at least 1080 pixels in height. Uploading the video to YouTube as unlisted or private can provide a preview of how it will appear in the Shorts format.
What is the file size limit for YouTube Shorts?
YouTube doesn't have a specific size limit for uploads mentioned in their official guidelines. However, it's advisable to keep your file sizes reasonable for smoother uploading and playback. Aim for a balance between quality and file size to ensure an optimal viewing experience for your audience.


  • Keep your video length short and sweet. YouTube shorts are meant to be quick and engaging, so keep in mind the 60-second limit, otherwise your video will be trimmed.
  • Focus on one main subject or idea in each short video. Too many elements can be overwhelming in such a short time frame.
  • Use text overlays to add subtitles to your video. This will help you keep those viewers who don't have access to headphones or can't be on speaker.
  • Add catchy music or sound effects to enhance the mood and tone of your video. Audio can greatly enhance the viewing experience of YouTube Shorts.
  • Pay attention to lighting and background when filming. A well-lit and visually appealing setting can make all the difference in how your video is received.
  • Try using different camera angles or movements to add visual interest to your videos. Simple techniques like panning or zooming can make a big impact in a short amount of time.
  • Experiment with different types of content. Produce tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, or funny skits. Variety keeps viewers interested and coming back for more.
  • Don't be afraid to try new things and get creative with your YouTube shorts! Think outside the box and have fun exploring different ways to engage with your audience through this format.


Understanding the importance of the correct YouTube Shorts aspect ratio is key for creators. Adhering to the platform's standard helps make the most of your clips, connecting with diverse audiences through concise, visually captivating content.

So go ahead, grab your phone, and start creating amazing Shorts with confidence!

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