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One of the most frequent challenges when working with PDF format is figuring out how to edit the existing text in the PDF document. The problem affects not only novices but also professionals who have worked with various documents over many years.

PDF format is designed specifically for working with digital papers. It keeps all data, such as tables, stamps, and signatures in its original form. It is a popular choice for organizations and individuals who require distributing documents securely and safely.

Acquiring knowledge of editing text in PDF can be a strong advantage for anyone who needs to tweak or annotate documents.

It can be not easy to modify this kind of content. However, there is special PDF editing software that easily recognizes all objects, fonts, and signatures. Read on to see how to edit PDF text like a pro.

How to edit existing text in a PDF?

Altering existing content in a PDF document can be a tricky task, as these files are not designed to be edited. Through the utilization of Icecream PDF Editor, one can alter the contents of a PDF document without compromising its integrity.

To start using the editor to change the text in your PDF documents, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1. Download Icecream PDF Editor, install and run the program.

Step 2. After the launch, the software will offer you to "Open" an existing file or to "Create" a new one. Since you need to edit the existing text in PDF, click "Open". Alternatively, just drag and drop the document into the program's window.

Step 2.

Step 3. The PDF text editor will open the file so you can easily edit the PDF with the toolbox on the left. See the description of the tools below.

Step 3.

Step 4. The "Edit" mode of the program is opened by default. Click the "T" button to open the text editing option.

Step 4.

Step 5. Double-click a word or a line to start modifying it. You can start typing in new text, too.

Step 5.

Step 6. Check out the flexible text settings in the menu on the left: font size, color, style (bold, italic), transparency. Change them if needed.

Step 6.

Step 7. Once you finish editing the PDF, save the document. To do this, click the "File" button and select "Save" or "Save as". In the first case, the data is saved to the original document, in the second - to a new place and under a new name of your choice.

Step 7.

How to edit text in a PDF: Tools

HandUse this tool to move the page in different directions.
SelectSwitch to this mode to select a specific object for further editing text in a PDF.
TextEnables text editing) option. Here you can adjust the font size, the transparency, the color, the style, and the alignment.
Add imagePress the image icon to insert a picture from the PC's memory into the file. The program has the ability to control its positioning, size, and rotation angle. You can move the graphic object behind the text, too.
Rectangle/CircleAllows you to add figures and shapes to highlight a specific area of data. For example, a paragraph or important information in a sentence. Adjust the color and thickness of the outline, the opacity of the fill, and the position in relation to the other objects (foreground/background).
LineCan be used to underline or cross out something. You can set its thickness, color, and transparency.
Add arrowHelps to point out an important place in the document, indicate the direction, and so on. Available settings are similar to the previous tool.


  • Four editing modes: edit PDF text, annotate, manage pages, and fill in the forms;
  • A comprehensive set of tools for editing existing text in PDF, adding new text and comments;
  • High speed of processing, uploading, and saving data;
  • User-friendly and straightforward interface;
  • Modify PDF text without an Internet connection;
  • All documents are saved to the hard disk when you edit PDF and there is no information leakage;
  • Option to add new blank pages;
  • The PDF editor recognizes all fonts and selects them automatically when you edit the text.

The first PDF editor was created in 1993 by Adobe Systems, the same company that invented the PDF format.


Is there a way to add comments and notes to a PDF file?
Yes, to add a comment, go to "Annotate" mode. For more detailed instructions on how to annotate a PDF, check the article.
How to resize the text in the PDF?
Select the text you want to resize and move the slider until you get the dimensions you need.
Can I edit images in my PDF?
Yes, you can resize the image, rotate it, and choose the level of transparency.
Can I convert my edited file back into a Word document?
You can do this easily with the help of various PDF conversion tools that allow you to convert your revised file into a DOC or alternative formats.
Is it possible to rotate the pages in my document?
Sure! Open the "Manage Pages" tab, select the pages and press rotate. In this mode, you can also add new pages, and delete or extract the unnecessary ones.


  1. Save a copy of the original PDF before editing the PDF.
  2. Check the security settings of the PDF to make sure text editing is allowed.
  3. Use hotkeys to speed up your work. For example, to copy text from a PDF file, highlight it with the cursor and press Ctrl + C.
  4. Preview your changes to ensure everything looks correct before saving.
  5. Check for spelling and grammar errors using services like Grammarly or spell-checker software built into your program.
  6. Compress large PDFs if necessary, to reduce file size and make it easier to share with others online.
  7. Protect your PDF with a password to make sure your edits won't be accidentally deleted or changed by anyone else.

    With the rise of remote work and online collaboration, PDF editors have become even more popular as they allow users to easily share and collaborate on documents without having to rely on physical copies.


If you've ever struggled with editing text in a PDF file, you're not alone. It's a common issue that can be frustrating to deal with.

However, with the right tools and techniques, it's possible to make changes to text in a PDF document. Whether you're a novice or an experienced user, hopefully, this guide has provided some helpful tips for how to edit existing text in PDF files.

Through thorough consideration and an effective strategy, you can easily modify any PDF text without worrying about inaccuracies or layout issues. So, go ahead and try it out today!

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Aiden Anderson
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