How to Make a Wedding Slideshow


Generating a wedding slideshow is a creative idea to share the story of the couple's love with family and friends. It can be used at the ceremony or be a gift to the couple.

In this article, you'll find out how to make a wedding slideshow using 4 services. Following our tips, you can easily create something that captures all the memories of this important date for the years ahead.

How we picked the slideshow creators

Choosing the service for making a wedding slideshow we encompassed several key criteria:

  • User-friendliness. We evaluated the ease of use and intuitive interfaces to ensure a pleasant experience.
  • Feature set. We assessed customization options, transitions, templates, and file format support.
  • Compatibility. We included options for both Windows and Mac. Plus, we added online options available for all devices.
Program Available Price System requirements Rating
Icecream Slideshow Maker
512MB of RAM, 1.66Ghz, 1024x768, 100MB - 5GB of disk space
Microsoft PowerPoint
Windows: 4GB of RAM, 1.6Ghz, 1024x768, 4GB of disk space
Mac: 4GB of RAM, Intel processor, 1280x800, 10GB of disk space
Google Slides
Internet access
Adobe Express
The free version has limited features
Internet access

Method 1. Icecream Slideshow Maker

Using Icecream Slideshow Maker, you can create a stunning video that will make your wedding photos come to life. Here's how to craft a wedding slideshow using this software:

  1. Download the free slideshow maker and install it on your computer.
  2. Open the program and add the photos. You can click the "Add files" button or drag and drop them to the working area.
  3. Once all of your pictures are imported, arrange them in the order you like.
  4. Personalize the slideshow by adding music, captions, etc. You can also adjust the speed of every slide and add transitions if necessary.
  5. Click "Preview" to see the results, select the file format, and press "Create".
Icecream Slideshow Maker

This photo slideshow maker serves as a great tool for creating a wedding slideshow because of its user-friendly interface. It allows you to quickly combine your photos without having to be an experienced video editor. It also supports popular video formats such as MP4, WebM, AVI, and MOV.

You can simply import your finished slideshow to Google Drive or Dropbox to share with friends and family. It is also possible to upload it to YouTube or burn it onto a CD/DVD.

The oldest known wedding photograph was taken in 1840. It depicts the wedding of Queen Victoria's niece, Queen Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa, to Duke Ferdinand Philippe of Orléans.

The only disadvantage of using this service is the fact that it is designed for Windows. MacOS users will have to use other slideshow makers.

Finally, the application is free to download so you don't have to worry about paying for expensive software or subscriptions just to create a beautiful wedding slideshow.

Method 2. Microsoft PowerPoint

Utilizing MS PowerPoint to make a wedding slideshow is an admirable way to illustrate significant moments of the special day. It allows you to easily customize your slides to fit the occasion. Here is the step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint and create a new presentation.
  2. Select the template that best fits your needs. You can either start with a blank sheet or use one of the pre-made ones.
  3. Choose "Insert" → "Photo Album" → "New Photo Album" to add all your photos at once. You can also drag and drop photos to each slide individually.
  4. Click the first and last slide while holding the shift button and go to the "Transitions" tab to add the transitions.
  5. Press "File" > "Export" > "Create a video" to save your wedding slideshow. That's it!

Making a wedding slideshow through Microsoft PowerPoint is a breeze. It provides lots of options for customizing the look and feel of each slide. Plus, you can easily convert your slideshow presentation to a video file to share it across social networks like YouTube and Facebook.

The main downside is that it is not free software. It is a part of the Microsoft Office suite, which requires a purchase or subscription.

Until the mid-20th century, wedding photos were primarily in black and white. Color photography became more popular for weddings in the 1960s and 1970s.

This service is a great option if you're searching for something reliable. With just a few clicks, you can have a beautiful presentation ready to share with family and friends! However, the price can be a disadvantage for users on a tight budget.

Method 3. Google Slides

Crafting a wedding presentation through an online slideshow maker is a wonderful way to capture memories and share them with your friends and family. With its easy-to-use interface, you can create amazing slideshows in no time. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Open Google Slides and sign into your account. Create a new presentation by pressing "Blank" or choosing a pre-made template.
  2. Click "Add-ons" → "Get add-ons" and install "Photos to Slides".
  3. Select the new add-on in the drop-down menu and import pictures from Albums or Google Drive.
  4. Insert text boxes, audio, video, and other elements. Add transitions in the "Slide" settings.
  5. To make the slides flip automatically, go to the slideshow mode, click the three-dot menu, and set the duration of the autoplay.
Google Slides

A simple interface and a wide range of templates make Google Slides the perfect choice to make a wedding slideshow. You can easily share the slideshow with guests by sending them a link. Don't forget to specify other users to be able to see, comment, or edit the document.

However, this method of creating a slideshow only works if there is internet access. Although you can use Google Slides offline to some extent, the functionality is reduced and collaboration is not available.

If there's no internet in the place where you want to show the slideshow, you might want to use a video converter and change its format to make sure it is playable.

Artists and designers often use slideshows to showcase their portfolios and creative projects, adding a dynamic element to their work.

Despite this disadvantage, Google Slides is still a powerful and free slideshow maker. If you seek a simple and free way to create an aesthetically pleasing slideshow in a short time, Google Slides deserves a thought.

Method 4. Adobe Express

Creating a wedding slideshow using Adobe Express is ideal for spreading the joys of the happy couple's special day among family and friends. It allows for personalizing the presentation with photographs, video clips, music, and text. Utilizing this slideshow maker is very simple:

  1. Launch Adobe Express and select "Create now".
  2. Pick a slideshow template or create a unique design for the entire project. Decide on the layout, theme, and music.
  3. Press "Media" to choose photos and video clips to be included in the slideshow.
  4. Preview the slideshow to make sure everything looks how you imagined.
  5. Click "Download" to save the slideshow to your device. The "Share" button allows you to publish it on social media, create a shareable link, or upload it to a cloud service.
Adobe Express

The merits of making a wedding slideshow in Adobe Express include an intuitive interface that makes creating slideshows easy even for beginners. It allows you to add music and customize each slide with pre-made themes so the final product will seem made professionally.

You can also invite other people to work on the video so all guests can share their ideas and add photos without having to bother you.

Some of the most cherished wedding photos are candid shots. They capture genuine emotions and interactions between the couple and their guests.

Nevertheless, logging into the Adobe account is necessary for both you and other people editing the slideshow. Plus, some options like resize, erase, and many templates require a premium subscription.

Overall, Adobe Express is an excellent way to create a wedding slideshow that can be shared online or offline with friends and family members!

How to make a wedding slideshow unique

Get creative with music

A slideshow with music sets the tone, so choose something personalized. Consider picking two or three songs that represent different points in your relationship. You can also extract audio from video to use in your slideshow. This will help create a narrative for the slideshow and make it feel more meaningful.

Collaborate with other people

Asking other people to share slideshow ideas and take part in the wedding slideshow is a super method for creating individuality. Ask friends and relatives to write down their favorite memories of you and your partner. Then present them in the form of quotes or written messages in the slideshow.

Many couples now make pre-wedding photoshoots. These photos are often used for invitations or displayed at the wedding.

Use videos or animations

Incorporating videos and animations into the mix will make a wedding slideshow remarkable. You can add text and videos from past trips or events you've attended together. Create animations with images that tell how you met, fell in love, and decided to get married.

Prepare a speech

Ask a family member or friend to record a voiceover or read a script live during the slideshow. This will add an extra layer of sentimentality to the presentation.


  1. Start with a plan. Before you begin assembling your ideas in a slideshow creator, decide on the order of the pictures.
  2. Keep to the style. Think about the theme of the wedding and pick a style that matches it. This could be a classic photo montage or something more inventive like an edited video with photos and music.
  3. Add music. Music can make or break the slideshow, so choose wisely! Select songs that match the photos and reflect the couple's personalities and story.
  4. Use transitions wisely. Choose transitions that complement your content and don't overdo it.
  5. Details. Add small final touches such as transitions, effects, animations, and logos to make a slideshow look polished and professional.
  6. Edit the length. You should keep your slideshows between 5-10 minutes long so viewers don't get bored. Crop the video in case it's too long.
  7. Test it out. Before you show it off, watch it on multiple devices to ensure everything looks good and works properly!

Conclusion on making a wedding slideshow

Now you can create a wedding slideshow using different services. It is an ideal way to commemorate a special day and please the newlyweds and their guests. It is important to remember that the goal is to make a memorable experience for everyone involved.

An interesting wedding slideshow is an enjoyable and imaginative endeavor that will help you preserve memories of this momentous event. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create something truly beautiful that the couple will cherish forever.

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