How to Record Webcam

Alexandra Meyer
by Alexandra Meyer

If you are going to add your comments to the video, the best way is to include your webcam recording. Today we'll tell you about Icecream Screen Recorder for Windows and how to record a webcam with it. Below you will find clear and short instructions in just 4 steps and an overview of the benefits of the screen recorder.

1. Get the program to record webcamera video

Download the free webcam recorder for Windows, install and launch it.

2. Tweak webcam recording parameters

Choose which available webcam you want to work with. Specify the shape of the camera window: square, squircle or circle.

Webcamera settings

Next, let's move on to the sound settings if you want to record your webcam video with narration. Proceed to the “Audio” tab to check if the “Record microphone” and "Record audio" options are enabled. Also, make sure that the equalizers are moving along with the sound generated.

Audio settings for webcam recording

In the "Video" tab of the webcam recorder you can set the output video format (MP4, AVI, MOV, or WebM). Also, adjust the video quality, add a watermark, and check other important parameters.

Video settings of screen recorder

3. Record a webcam video

Once all the settings are tweaked, it is time to capture the webcam video. Select the recording area and then click the web camera symbol on the recording panel of the screen recorder. Adjust the size and position of the window on the screen using the markers on the borders. If necessary, double-click in the webcam window to fit the selected area.

Select the webcamera recording area

Press the "Rec" button on the recording panel of the webcam recorder. This or F7 hotkey button will start the recording. The "Pause" and "Resume" buttons pause and resume the recording process respectively.

Pause and resume screen recording

The “Stop” button will stop the webcam recording and save the video. For this action there is F8 hotkey combination, too. More can be found and changed in the “Hotkeys” tab of the “Settings” panel on the screen recording software.

Record a webcam and annotate the video

You can use the “Draw” panel to annotate your video – add text, arrows, and other graphic elements. Undo or clear all features are available if you change your mind.

4. Edit, trim or convert the webcam video

You may need to further polish your webcam recording. This is easily done with this screen recorder. Click the pencil icon responding the video in the "History" tab. This will open the built-in video editor where you can trim, convert and edit your file. It is also possible to change the resolution or speed of the webcam video.

Edit webcam video

Move the orange marker to set the new start and end time of the video. Select the new output format (MP4, AVI, MOV, GIF, WebM) to convert the video with webcam recording software. Enter a new filename, opt to mute audio and change and video speed. Click the " Save" button to apply the changes to your webcam video.

Additional tools to record webcam

The free webcam recorder allows you to customize the screen recording process very clearly. You can disable the recording of the cursor and hide desktop icons. Or, on the contrary, animate mouse clicks, highlight the cursor for clearer instructions. It's also possible to or display the hotkeys being used when you record webcam.

Unlike many other programs with webcam recording feature, you can customize its behavior after file creation. Some users, for example, really dislike being promptly asked to enter a filename for each video. This can be very distracting, especially if you need to take multiple screenshots. Tweak that in Icecream Screen Recorder Settings panel, too.

For convenience, you can configure all hotkeys combinations you're planning to use during webcam recording.

Advantage of the free webcam recorder

  • Screen recording software for Windows 10, 11, 8 and 7;
  • Video recorder with intuitive interface. The working window is not overloaded, and hotkeys will help you quickly work on a webcam video;
  • A large number and flexibility of settings. You can improve the quality of the picture, record a audio with a high bitrate, take screenshots in high resolution;
  • There's no need for an Internet connection, so you can record a webcam offline.
  • Comment on what is happening on the screen when you record video. This comes in handy when recording webinars, tutorials, Teams meetings and entertainment content when you want to add your opinion;
  • The program does not require much space on your PC;
  • Great features even in free screen recorder version;
  • The default functions are preset for user convenience. For example, all files are saved on the desktop, which eliminates the need to search through multiple directories on the hard drive;
  • Hotkeys remain active even after the main window is closed. Thus, the user can start recording of the web camera and screen at any time;
  • Video recorder is localized to multiple various languages;
  • The program also installs all the necessary video and audio codecs;
  • Constant updates;
  • Ability to save webcam recordings in your own cloud.

How to record webcam – Conclusion

Now that you know how to record webcam, you can easily improve the quality of your content. Shoot cool tutorials, let's play videos and other videos in HD quality and more!

Alexandra Meyer
by Alexandra Meyer
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